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Product introduction:

Split type vortex street meter body, card type vortex flowmeter body, we do the product appearance fine, the product is exquisite, is you let the product grade guarantee, the product most material It is 304 products and 316 series products, which are divided into ordinary type, thickened type and high pressure type. The body of vortex flowmeter is used for steam measurement. It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of products and the reliability of materials. I believe that with our casting foundation to escort you, the future instrument road will go further. Yantai University of science and technology is good at casting the table body

Yantai Keda Precision Casting Factory Yantai Keda precision casting main products include silica sol precision casting. Yantai Keda precision Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd. is a silica sol precision casting processing enterprise, with a total investment of 5 million yuan. We are located in the beautiful coastal city: Yantai Fushan District Fuxin Road company is specialized in investment casting and precision processing of automobile, communication, aviation and medical equipment parts. Now the company covers an area of 3500 square meters, and 25 employees, scientific and technological personnel and technicians account for about 1 / 5 of the total number of employees, and has a number of years engaged in precision casting And machining industry experts for the company. The company has reliable production equipment and testing equipment, wax shooting equipment and casting equipment are now domestic advanced equipment. Now our company has an annual production capacity of 300 tons of precision castings. We always take science and technology as the support, environmental protection as the principle, quality as the concept of life to operate the company, the company's customers first. Since the establishment of the company, has been the support of the majority of new and old friends, we hope that our company with reliable technology, perfect management and new and old customers common development, common progress

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