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Precision casting, stainless steel casting

Precision casting, stainless steel casting

Processing of precision casting parts of construction machinery

Preparation of investment casting project

Pump manufacturing and processing

Precision steel parts, machinery parts casting.

Mining machinery and its accessories casting, processing, sales. (silica sol investment casting)

Auto parts and machine casting parts processing and sales.

Precision pipe fittings, auto parts, motorcycle parts;

Recycling of renewable resources and stainless steel investment casting

Production and sales of marine anchors, marine equipment, valves, flanges, pipe accessories, metal products, precision castings and other castings; road transportation of general goods; ship inspection agent; self-supporting and agent of all kinds of goods and technology investment casting business machinery and equipment research and development

Stainless steel investment casting silica sol investment casting: no general silica sol investment casting: silicon manganese alloy, other alloy production and sales; ferroalloy, ore sales; investment casting; design, production and installation of environmental protection equipment

Production and operation of metal precision castings. The products are sold inside and outside.

Production and sales: alloy precision castings, mechanical accessories, seals, casting accessories.

Oil drilling and production accessories, precision casting manufacturing and sales