Company dynamics

Precision casting of construction machinery parts

Precision casting of construction machinery parts

Precision casting, production and sales of high and medium pressure valves, pipe fittings, pumps

Precision casting parts, metal doors and windows, hardware products, fire fighting equipment, ventilation equipment, power distribution switch control equipment

Spare parts, valves, pipe fittings, flanges, pumps, clothing manufacturing and sales.

Precision casting, oil pump, cast iron plate, cast iron platform, cast iron ruler, square box, bending plate, valve, die

Manufacturing of metal products for furniture and building safety

Heat resistant and wear resistant casting of grate plate

Mining crushing equipment liner and crushing hammer teeth, wear-resistant castings, sintering

Production and sales of trolley grate and heat-resistant casting, supporting corresponding machining equipment;

Steel, hardware

Manufacturing and sales: steel castings, iron castings and mechanical parts processing and sales.

Precision casting, precision machinery mold production

Casting, valve, hardware products, fire fighting equipment, casting equipment, general equipment and accessories; spraying of ferrous metal parts; machining; purchasing and selling cast iron on a commission basis

Casting, high carbon steel valve production; hydraulic and pneumatic power machining